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Hero Simulator Hero Simulator

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun at first, after a while just becomes a stock market simulator... quests don't affect your gold or honor after you get past the Qi area, investments in upgrades aren't worth it. Kinda just sitting here waiting for good stock market news to pop up.

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So Square So Square

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, I really wasn't expecting much for something done in such a short time frame. This sounds really atmospheric and pretty. The "supersquare" that comes in at around 0:28 is especially nice. Reminds me that monstrous sound design is nothing if the meat of the music isn't great. You did a good job of not making it chiptune-y too. Really nice, -0.5 stars for being too short :3

Also, is this the Bleep you used? http://tonebytes.com/bleep/

TheDukesDepot responds:

Thanks very much and yes that was the Bleep I used. :)

Stompstump Peak (1f1n1ty Remix) Stompstump Peak (1f1n1ty Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ohhhh idk if I can compare with these other reviews haha, but I'll just give you some quick pointers after listening a few times.
-Your mix does sound a bit overpowering at times. Don't stress this a whole lot, just try take it into consideration while you're making a track. Stuff like making sure too many instruments aren't playing in the same range, volume, rolling off the top on bass instruments and the lows on high instruments, etc. Mixing ability, like anything else, comes with practice. What I thought was most prevalent in this area was the volume side of things. Your melodies and instrumentation sound really pretty. Despite the midi coming from a game, the instruments you chose to play it sounded nice and clear for the most part.
-Sidechain. If you're doing it I can't really hear it. Your kick is buried in the mix.
-For the whole time stretching thing in FL, check out this video:
Hope I helped :P

1f1n1ty responds:

First off, thanks for the review! And even if your review doesn't compare with the others, it's still awesome to get criticism as it's kinda rare these days!

Will be responding from top to botton.

Overpowering mix? I'm pretty sure that contradicts what Geoplex said when he mentioned that I have too much headroom... But maybe "overpowering" means something different from what I'm interpreting it as. But don't stress it, got it. I hope.

Glad you liked my instruments, they're all presets :P But seriously, though, thanks!

Can't hear sidechain. This may be because I took all the mid/high off of the kick in EQ, which Geoplex commented on earlier. Also MetalRenard said something completely different about the kick, so maybe it's just that you're on different speakers or something? I don't know.

Fruity Granulizer. I'll try it. I know how to get things in sync, but the problem is that when the audio is synced and the tempo goes extremely slow for some reason FL decides to pitchbend the audio, in this case, lowering the pitch. Does Fruity Granulizer do that? I hope not.

Anyway, just THANKS again for reviewing my track, and I'll be sure to work on the things you've mentioned!